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  Large Scale Murals
Because of scale, murals transform an entire room into a painting. The occupants of the room become participants in the overall scheme. These large scale works incorporate every aspect of a room such as the architecture and decor. I use faux finish techniques and trompe l'oeil to create unique perspectives and themes.
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Murals of Vines and Plants
Murals promote the mood of a room and manipulate the atmosphere. Painted plants and vines create motion through a room by leading your eye around the space. Plants remind us of nature and relax the mind and body. The softness created through the use of a plant mural is even more valuable when considering that you don't have to water them.
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Architectural Murals
Murals add architectural character and enhance the illusion of space in a room. They also provide a focal point for conversational areas and relief from the predictable geometry of modern spaces.
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Portraits capture the precociousness of youth or elegance and beauty. These family heirlooms preserve their allure for generations. Because of the artist's eye, painted portraits are much more forgiving than photographs and playfully convey the personality of each family member.
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Faux Finishes
Faux finishes have been around for centuries, adding texture, color, and ambiance to a room. Color is the key to every fine decorative paint technique. Faux finishes reflect an appreciation for the uniqueness and individuality of handcrafted work.
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I love the way that murals and finishes inspire the atmosphere of a room and affect the way people interact with it.
The decoration of our home and work place is one of the most satisfying ways of expressing our individuality.
Please feel free to contact me about ideas for your space.